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Dungeons classic

You will receive: 

• You'll get any dungeon you want.

• The level of your items is not important. 


• Stealing accounts when the account transfer is impossible as we do not require a login and password from your email. 
• We guarantee the safety of your characters, resources and items. 
• In case of piloted boost we guarantee the safety of your account using VPN of your city and country.
• If some of the problems occur we can do a 100% order refund. 

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About Dungeons Classic Boosting

The phased discovery of dungeons in World of Warcraft: Classic fully reflects how it looked in the original "Vanilla" version of the game. Although this is not as effective as getting loot in raids, dungeon equipment helps people who come into the game later catch up with the “average server temperature” and begin raid progress as quickly as possible.

So you started the game for any class you liked. But already at about 15 lvl you will notice that some quests lure you into the dungeons. In theory, you can play up to 60 lvl without completing any dungeon at all. But ... you will have huge problems with the character gear. Many quests with generous rewards will not be available to you. And finally, there is an Enchantment teacher in Uldaman.

Dungeons Classic

All players are advised to periodically go to the dungeons. But at the first attempts you may be disappointed. You will die a lot, not get the gear you need, in general, waste time and nerves. You can search for a group for half an hour, then wait another half hour for all of its participants to gather, and get another half an hour to the dungeon. And there ... you die on the first boss and several times on the trash before the boss. As a result, the group falls apart and in fact you lost two or three hours in vain. after several similar repetitions many can abandon the idea of going into the dungeons for an indefinite period. For such a players who dont want to spend their time, we offer WoW Vanilla Dungeons Boosting Service for Sale! Using it you will fall into the hands of the professionals of their craft!
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