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Castle Nathria Mythic

This service includes:

• The victory all 10 bosses of the Raid dungeon Castle Nathria.
• Raids do only EU Realm.

Looting options:

• 1/10 (0 slots guarantee) Shriekwing
• 2/10 (1+ slots guarantee) + Huntsman Altimor
• 3/10 (1+ slots guarantee) + Hungering Destroyer
• 4/10 (2+ slots guarantee) + Artificer Xy'Mox
• 5/10 (3+ slots guarantee) + Sun King's Salvation
• 6/10 (3+ slots guarantee) + Lady Inerva Darkvein
• 7/10 (4+ slots guarantee) + Council of Blood
• 8/10 (4+ slots guarantee) + Sludgefist
• 9/10 (5+ slots guarantee) + Stone Legion Generals
• 10/10 (6+ slots guarantee) + Sire Denathrius

For select bosses:

• Kill bosses with personal loot.
• Can add 1, 2, or 4 non-saved boosters of your Armor Type (cloth, leather, mail, or plate).


• No gear requirement.
• 60 level character.
• Only Selfplay.

Choose mode:

Select bosses:

Add traders (for PL):

Boosting region:


Detailed description:

About Raid Dungeons Castle Nathria

In Nafriya Castle, as many as 10 bosses are waiting for us, and such a quantity for the first raid of an expansion has recently been a rarity. The raid will be divided into three quarters: first, players will need to defeat one of the bosses at the entrance to the castle, and then they will be able to decide which location zone to go to - go down to the catacombs or go to the ballroom and the banquet hall - in each of them there are heroes 3 bosses each. In the catacombs of the bosses will have to go in order, as they follow each other.

In the bowels of the castle’s basement, players will find the vizier’s apothecary, anime’s repository, and a break in the Womb, so it won’t come as a surprise that it will turn out that Denatrius actually works for the Jailer. In the ballroom, it seems, you can choose any boss to taste without a strict order: either in the hall itself, or in the museum, or in the torture room. So if the battles of one place seem too complicated, you can try your luck in another.

After defeating the first 7 bosses, players will have to return to the castle entrance to battle the 8th villain and climb the gargoyle tower on the roof. In the tower, players will be able to fight with the penultimate 9 boss, the battle with which, apparently, takes place in two rooms at once, and then with the final 10, probably by Denatriy himself on his terrace.
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