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Buy Refining Trade Skills NW

You will receive:
• Leveling your Refining Trade Skills from 1 level to 200.

• We guarantee the safety of your characters, resources and items.
• In case of piloted boost we guarantee the safety of your account using VPN of your city and country.

Why us:
Perfectway is a digital service provider with 6+ years of experience, more 5 stars feedbacks with an average rating of 4.9 on Trustpilot. You can count on us to help answer any of your questions 24/7 via Live Chat, Discord, or Skype.



Detailed description:

About Buy Refining Trade Skills New World Boosting

In the game, New World features 5 different refining trade skills. Each such skill allows you to process resources into materials for crafting. The higher your skill in the refining trade skills, the more efficiently your character uses resources — with some chance additional materials may obtain.

About Types Refining Trade Skills in New World

Smelting — this trade skill allows you to smelt ore into ingots using the “Smelter” machine. Ingots can also be used to craft armor, weapons, bags, furniture, etc.;
">Woodworking — having mastered this trade skill, you will be able to recycle the resource of the “branch” into wood, lumber, boards on a special “Woodshop” machine, which can then used in the manufacture of staves, arrows, furniture;
Leatherworking — with the “Tannery” machine you can make various types of leather for the subsequent creation of armor, bags, craft tools, etc.
Weaving — on the “Loom” machine, your character will be able to process resources collected from plants into various fabrics that are used to create armor, bags, furniture;
Stonecutting — having mastered this trade skill, you will be able to create various stone blocks and bricks on the “Stonecutting Table” machine, which are used to improve settlements. You can also cut a gem, it will add some special properties to an item, jewelry, or armor.

About Refining Trade Skills Leveling New World

The approximate time for leveling one, refining trade skills from level 1 to level 200 is 2-7 days. Kindly note that this information based on the Beta version of the game, so after release, the timing may change. Please check the information on live chat.

How do Refining Trade Skills New World Boosting

The service provided only with account sharing. After paying for the order, our manager will inform you to obtain information on your Steam account (only login and password). We need an email code or an authenticator to confirm login to your account. The booster will play on your character at the agreed time. If you need an account during the boost, please inform our manager about it. This may affect the completion time of the order. We can provide you with interim reports on the work done in the form of screenshots or using a stream. The latter is not always possible, since the game is too demanding on the parameters of the video card. All gold, resources, and equipment obtained during the boost will be saved on your character. You can also order additional services, such as gathering of rare resources during the boost. To complete this, contact our manager or use the navigation of our site. You can choose one or several refining professions. When choosing several types of refining professions, the cost and execution time will be increased proportionally to the number of selected refining professions. This service provided to level up selected types of refining profession from 1st to 200th level. If you want to order a boost of a different range, you can use the service of an hourly driver or contact our manager — he will make a special offer for you. If for some reason you want to stop the execution of the order, let us know, and we will calculate a fair price for the work done.
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