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Buy Black Temple Timewalking Boost

You will receive:
• Full Black Temple Timewalking Raid run.
• I'll Hold These For You Until You Get Out achievement.
• Chance to get Reins of Infinite Timereaver.

• The level of your items is not important.

• We guarantee the safety of your characters, resources and items.
• In case of piloted boost we guarantee the safety of your account using VPN of your city and country.

Why us:
Perfectway is a digital service provider with 6+ years of experience, more 5 stars feedbacks with an average rating of 4.9 on Trustpilot. You can count on us to help answer any of your questions 24/7 via Live Chat, Discord, or Skype.

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Detailed description:

Buy Black Temple Timewalking Boost​​​​​​​ing

The Black Temple is one of the old WoW raids that now is available as part of the Timewalking event. It is open only for one week during several months when the TMW event is happening. Completion of any raid in the game can be a difficult task, and Black Temple Timewalking is not an exception. You need to find a reliable team, and even with help of a quick instance finder this can be difficult, as raids require much more skill from players and much higher level of communication between them. Yet, with help from Perfectway everything is possible. Buy Black Temple Timewalking Boost and our professional boosters will do everything necessary in order to complete this raid and grant you a chance to unlock Reins of the Infinite Timereaver that gives you one of the rarest mounts in the game.
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