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Weekly Super Pack

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Availability: Yes

Estimated time: 6 hour


  • 70 level character
  • Selfplay - play by yourself with our raid / team group

Service Includes:

  • Full 9/9 Amirdrassil Heroic Raid Run with Standard group loot: chance to get 467-476 ilvl gear from bosses and 3x 467-476 ilvl items unlocked in the Great Vault guaranteed
  • Mythic+ 20 Dungeon Run in timer with 2x Loot Traders: triple chance to get 470 ilvl item from dungeon's chest. Also, you will get 1x 483 ilvl item unlocked in the Great Vault guaranteed

Loot Run description:

  • Group Loot - You will get selected amount of bosses killed during the Amirdrassil, The Dream's Hope Heroic Group loot run means that quantity of items you will get fully depends on your luck by rolling the items dropped from the bosses during the raid without any guarantees

Loot Dungeons description:

  • Loot trade - play by yourself with our team (with x2 add traders for fast gearing)


Maximum number of characters: 100